Fashion Friday- Why buy When you Can Rent

For me it is not officially summer until the celebration of my birthday and the 4th of July. This past weekend I celebrated the big 2-5 and of course that meant having to do things in style. About a year ago a friend ( and fellow blogger) Jaime told me about a website called Rent the Runway. Which allows you to rent designer dresses for an insanely discounted price. The concept sounded awesome, but of course I was a little hesitant. The idea of runway made me think runway sizes, and really, no one has time for that. But for this occasion I figured I’d throw caution to the wind and give it a try. I must say I have never been happier with a dress purchase.

The selection of dresses are amazing and range from rental prices of $40 to $400 depending on the dress. Along with this you pay five dollars a dress for rental insurance which covers small damages and dry cleaning. After searching through tons of dresses I picked out two amazing dresses. The price was a little more than I think I normally would have spent on two dresses (130 for both), Sadly a few days before my rentals were coming a women named Serena from the company called to tell me that one of my dresses was damaged beyond repair and has been discontinued. Yet, before a Blair Waldorf inspired freak out could erupt, she informed me that I could pick any other dress on the site, no matter the price, to have in its place!.

Long story short, the dresses fit perfectly and I can’t even count the number of compliments I got on both dresses.


It was great getting to wear a dress that normally I never would have been able to afford and getting to celebrate my birthday with some of my favorite people.  Rent the Runway has officially been bumped up to one of my favorite fashion retailers and I cannot wait to rent from them again.



Boston You’re my Home..


I am Loud, Opinionated and Stubborn.I think WICKED is the best way to describe everything,No matter what the Bruins and Sox will always have my heart,I know what a packie is and what is sold there, and I know there REALLY isn’t a letter “R” 

….and I am PROUD of everything that I am..
This is my town, these are my people, this is my safe little world.

At least I believed that last part until Monday afternoon. The bombing that happened at the Boston Marathon is something that I would never in a million year would happen in my city. It is not something I would have imagined in my life I would be witness to or that if I had gone on break just a little later in the day been a victim of.
But it did and that can never be changed or undone. It is something that will stick in my mind for the rest of my life. Just the sheer confusion, terror and unanswered questions that are going on in my mind… I cannot imagine what the people who had loved ones affected are thinking.
And my heart and thoughts go out to all those people who were injured, had love ones who were injured or who witnessed the whole things first hand.
Bad things have happened before and the will happen again.. But what is important now is standing together and working to find the people/person who caused this mess.
We are Boston and We are Strong. All of us… no matter your geographical or location,the sports team you root for or any other difference we may have…

Finally Back….

After a very long and unplanned hiatus, I have come back to the blogging world refreshed and ready to jump back in. The last month has been a world wind of emotions and personal reflection that sadly started to take over my life. But since brooding over my failed love life really is not how I want to be spending 2013, I’m not going to. So here I am, back in swing and ready to take over blog space and my life.

I never realized how much time and energy I had put into my previous relationship and without it I have found that I really do not know who I am without this other person.  That, my blog friends, is really a sad realization to come to. With graduation looming (2 MONTHS!!!) and really my whole life ahead of me, this seems like the best time to start to find out what it is that I want out of my life. With no input from friends, family, or significant others. Just me and my thoughts, And I won’t lie- that is the scariest thing I have ever decide to do. Yet, I think it is also the best thing I have thought of in a long time.

I’m not usually one for writing prompts, but this one came up on my reader today and it is inspired by one of my favorite books. It also fits into how I’m feeling on this Monday morning.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” –Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The prompt ask to name 6 impossible things that you believe it. Which made my mind start to wonder What do I believe in? What magically things do I really believe are possible to happen in life. I do not really know if anyone would consider these “impossible”.

But then again what may seem impossible to me may be possible to someone else.



1)       Soul Mates: The idea of having someone in your life that makes you want to be the very best version of yourself. Someone who knows all your issues but loves you anyway. That does not run away at the first sign of trouble and that loves you unconditionally.

2)       Adventure without fear: My mind is filled with things I want to do, places I want to go, and things I need to try. Yet the fear of failing keeps me from doing any of these things.

3)       Recovery: Finally winning this battle with my mind, my fears, and my anxiety

4)       Passions: and having the excitement and guts to go for them and work on them even if you are not the best at it.

5)       Magic: This one may really be impossible- But I like to think there is a bit of magic out there that we just have not found yet.

6)       Good In People: Some find it impossible to see the good in all people. I like to think we are all good- but make not so good choices at times.


What 6 “impossible” things have you thought about today?



How do you document real life..when real life’s feeling more like fiction each day

So with the millions of changes and crazy things that are happening in my life, I feel like I have been running on empty since the New Year started. Between school, interning, my new job and my failing love life I haven’t had a moment to just sit down and reflect on the fact that yes everything is changing but that is okay.  Now I am not the type of person who does well with any type of change so to have EVERYTHING happen at once is just so much to deal with… So how am I dealing the only way I know how to that isn’t self-destructive… with music.

Music has always been the way I deal with the things that are happening in my life. It is my escape and it makes me feel good. I love my music loud and I want to make sure it can drown out everything that I do not want to have to deal with. My friends have been spending more time at karaoke (because we are that cool) and going to see different bands in the area (which I am hoping we will do more of). But the best thing I have done is updated my phone with music that I know will automatically make me smile. I have filled it with songs that have helped me through many things and are well just fun to sing at the top of my lungs. So again instead of work out Wednesday (which I swear is coming back) I will share with you my current “Get Me Through This Shit” music.

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Bunny Love

I’m going to start by apologizing for the lack of work out Wednesday this week. This is due in large parts to the fact that I have just been feeling so randomly sick that I can’t eat. With the lack of proper diet = no working out :(. But I didn’t want to leave you all hanging without a post. This week I’m looking for some advice from my readers and fellow bloggers.  I was going to save this for Friday but.. I didn’t want to. Lol.

 So while I am not vegetarian or vegan,I also do NOT think that any animal should be harm for the sake of me being able to go from looking like a zombie to a normal person ever morning. Call me a hypocrite if you want but I hate the idea of using products that are tested on animals.
I have done a lot of research on cruelty free brands I have a basic sense of the ones I like and don’t like for most of the products I use daily. Yet because I am so picky and cheap.(because let’s be honest it cost a lot to keep these little guys from being tested on, but worth it).
 So that is where in reaching out to you. In hopes that you can help me find the missing cruelty free products in my life. Let me know your favorite products and why in each category. Help me to expand my all ready insanely large cosmetic collection. 🙂
This has been the hardest one for me to replace. I am a picky mascara user. I like my eyelashes HUGE and thick. I searched for years to find a brand of mascara I love and that works well. Then I come to find out it isn’t cruelty free.. bummer. I’m looking for recommendation for super lash mascara under 20 dollars.
Shaving cream and deodorant:
This is another one I have been having issues with. I have really sensitive skin and I’m looking for something that won’t make me break out. I also shave a lot. So expensive small bottles really do not work for me.
Drugstore brand body wash:
I had this really great one from the body shop. But at around 10 dollars a small bottle my budget cannot handle it.
Hair dye:
I’ve got nothing for this. I dye my hair like every few months so nothing crazy expensive.
I’d really appreciate the help from all you fellow bloggers and reader. Especially all those cruelty free bloggers out there.

Work Out Wednesday: Stuck In a Rut

Like I said last week, my work outs have become pretty much me lifting or running. Which is great because those are two things I NEVER thought I would be able to do. Yet even with the large amount of cardio that I have been getting and the weight training, my body is stuck in a rut. I have been at the same fluctuating weight since about July 2012. And I am NOT a happy camper about it. They always say the last 20 pounds is the hardest to lose and I will defiantly agree with that statement. With that I have started looking into a few new work outs to try out in the next four weeks to see if there is anything I love enough to give it a shot for longer than one day.

I am a VERY picky person when it comes to working out. My work outs need to make me feel like a beast, they need to be a decent amount of time (about an hour because I mean for real I have other things to do with my days), and they need to have enough variation to make me feel like I’m not going to get super bored with them. The also need to be cost efficient because I am still a student and money will forever be tight.

This weeks challenge workout is taken straight from my favorite show.. The Biggest Loser.

On this weeks episode Bob Harper’s last chance work out for the blue team include only two things… Their own body weight and a deck of cards. Each suite had a work out attached and the card number was how many of each you had to do.With face cards looking like this: JACK  11, QUEEN 12, KING 13, and ACE being 15. So I figured if these 300 plus men and women can do all 52 cards in one work out.. Why the hell can’t I. So this week to mix up my normal routine. I am challenging myself to Bob Harper’s Card Deck Challenge.

Want to Join? Here is what it looks like:

HEARTS: Push Ups
SPADES: Burpees
CLUBS: Squats (with weights)
DIAMONDS: Jumping Jacks

Now during my hour work out time I will do ALL 52 cards. But this is also a fun and easy way to get in a quick 15-20 minute work out. Grab about 20 cards and just go until you are done. The best thing is that these “work outs” are not set in stone. You can change-up the work out associated with each suite so you’re not getting board with doing them after a week or so.

So I thank you now, Bob Harper, for the large amount of pain I am going to be in tomorrow when I do this work out for the first time.



Workout Wednesday: Back to the Beginning

To kick of my workout Wednesday series I figured I would give you all a little background. Over the last four-ish years fitness has become a HUGE part of my life. For most of middle school through my first half of college I was very overweight for my height. I ate like shit, drank like a fish in college and just did not take care of myself. I used to fluctuate between periods of not eating at all to eating everything in sight and doing whatever I could to get rid of it afterwards. I was always unhappy and could barely look at myself without wanting to cry. And then one day I took a good look at myself and realized I could not do this anymore.
By this point I started getting myself to the school gym, even if it was just once a week. I started really thinking about what food I was and wasn’t putting into my body. I moved off campus for a small amount of time, which made me have to make my meals rather than relay on the school. Around the same time I also got a job working the front desk at Gold’s Gym in New Hampshire. I think my time at Gold’s is what really got me on a fitness kick. I met some AMAZING people who helped me learn how to create proper and affective work out. My friends Ryan and Kelli taught me how awesome weight lifting is. Ever since then I have been trying to do weights and cardio at least 4 times a week.
I have lost about 55 pounds since 2008. Which to some doesn’t sound like a lot. But the best part is I have learned how to maintain my weight rather than gain ANYTHING back when I have off weeks.

December 2007:

June 2012:


I have about 20 more pounds to lose before I am able to feel more comfortable in my own body.
Since then I have started to gain a passion for all different types of work outs. I have also been working on finding out how to incorporate fitness into my future career. :).

Lately I have been starting to look into different types of workouts and classes to add into my life. As much as I love lifting and running, I think it is time to find something new and exciting for this year. So that is what this is for. Letting all my lovely readers know what is going on in my fitness journey. I look forward to sharing the rest of this journey with you all!