Fashion Friday- Why buy When you Can Rent

For me it is not officially summer until the celebration of my birthday and the 4th of July. This past weekend I celebrated the big 2-5 and of course that meant having to do things in style. About a year ago a friend ( and fellow blogger) Jaime told me about a website called Rent the Runway. Which allows you to rent designer dresses for an insanely discounted price. The concept sounded awesome, but of course I was a little hesitant. The idea of runway made me think runway sizes, and really, no one has time for that. But for this occasion I figured I’d throw caution to the wind and give it a try. I must say I have never been happier with a dress purchase.

The selection of dresses are amazing and range from rental prices of $40 to $400 depending on the dress. Along with this you pay five dollars a dress for rental insurance which covers small damages and dry cleaning. After searching through tons of dresses I picked out two amazing dresses. The price was a little more than I think I normally would have spent on two dresses (130 for both), Sadly a few days before my rentals were coming a women named Serena from the company called to tell me that one of my dresses was damaged beyond repair and has been discontinued. Yet, before a Blair Waldorf inspired freak out could erupt, she informed me that I could pick any other dress on the site, no matter the price, to have in its place!.

Long story short, the dresses fit perfectly and I can’t even count the number of compliments I got on both dresses.


It was great getting to wear a dress that normally I never would have been able to afford and getting to celebrate my birthday with some of my favorite people.  Rent the Runway has officially been bumped up to one of my favorite fashion retailers and I cannot wait to rent from them again.



Fashion Friday: Fashion Meets Fitness.

April 21st marked the first race of the 2013 race seasons for me and some of my friends. You may be wondering why I’m posting about a race on Fashion Friday. But no worries readers you will soon see the connection.

The race was a 5k in Manchester, NH and was themed as a Totally Awesome 80’s run. So of course Jaime and I could not contain our excitement. Any time you can get us in neon colors and rocking out to the sweet sound of the 80’s we are in.

You cannot have an 80’s run without some pretty RAD outfits. So we set out to find the something comfortable to run in (sorry leotards) but that also shows our love for the 80’s and our personalities. And I must say I think we nailed it.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Forever21 (, we were able to find neon colored workout clothes on a budget. Jaime was also able to find and AWESOME Blondie tee-shirt, but unfortunately my Ramones shirt took a little more exploring to find. After searching EVERY store in the Burlington mall, a little light bulb went off. Newbury Comics ( has everything. And behold the moment we walked in to door there it was sitting there waiting for me. (Thanks Newbury comics!)

Of course we couldn’t just show up in oversized boring tee-shirts. We spent all Saturday night before the race editing and creating the perfect blend of 80’s rock chick clothing. The finished product came out even better than we had pictured in our heads.


As for the actual race, It was amazing. Since it was Jaime’s first race she had no time she wanted to beat.. I wanted to do in under 36 minutes (which was my time at last year’s color me rad race). We ran our little hearts out to the beats of an amazing synchronized playlist (made by me ) and we both crossed the finish line together rocking out to the Culture Club at 34 MINUTES!!!. We came in 281 and 282 out of about 481 people. Over all a successful day for both fitness and fashion..

Who says the two worlds cannot collide.



Bunny Love

I’m going to start by apologizing for the lack of work out Wednesday this week. This is due in large parts to the fact that I have just been feeling so randomly sick that I can’t eat. With the lack of proper diet = no working out :(. But I didn’t want to leave you all hanging without a post. This week I’m looking for some advice from my readers and fellow bloggers.  I was going to save this for Friday but.. I didn’t want to. Lol.

 So while I am not vegetarian or vegan,I also do NOT think that any animal should be harm for the sake of me being able to go from looking like a zombie to a normal person ever morning. Call me a hypocrite if you want but I hate the idea of using products that are tested on animals.
I have done a lot of research on cruelty free brands I have a basic sense of the ones I like and don’t like for most of the products I use daily. Yet because I am so picky and cheap.(because let’s be honest it cost a lot to keep these little guys from being tested on, but worth it).
 So that is where in reaching out to you. In hopes that you can help me find the missing cruelty free products in my life. Let me know your favorite products and why in each category. Help me to expand my all ready insanely large cosmetic collection. 🙂
This has been the hardest one for me to replace. I am a picky mascara user. I like my eyelashes HUGE and thick. I searched for years to find a brand of mascara I love and that works well. Then I come to find out it isn’t cruelty free.. bummer. I’m looking for recommendation for super lash mascara under 20 dollars.
Shaving cream and deodorant:
This is another one I have been having issues with. I have really sensitive skin and I’m looking for something that won’t make me break out. I also shave a lot. So expensive small bottles really do not work for me.
Drugstore brand body wash:
I had this really great one from the body shop. But at around 10 dollars a small bottle my budget cannot handle it.
Hair dye:
I’ve got nothing for this. I dye my hair like every few months so nothing crazy expensive.
I’d really appreciate the help from all you fellow bloggers and reader. Especially all those cruelty free bloggers out there.

Fashion Friday: Art and Fashion

Many may be wonder why the title of my fashion post is about art.

This past MLK day miss Jaime and I decide that a day at the MFA (museum of Fine Arts in Boston Ma) was needed. Of course it didn’t hurt that the Testino exhibit was still at the MFA and these two queen bees needed a fix of the their favorite Kates.
For those who don’t know, Mario Testino is a photographer who I believe can literally make ANYONE look beautiful. His photos are beautiful. His pictures have been on the covers of so many magazines that it is impossible to keep count. Even if you have never heard they name I can guarantee that you know his work.

Looking at his work and the people he has worked with, one thing was very clear. Fashion is not just about the clothes, the make up or the shoes. It is also about the personality and attitude you bring.
Sadly- we were not able to take pictures in the exhibit. (stupid copy right laws or something). But thanks to the wonder that is the internet I am able to share with you some of our favorites that were on view.

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Fashion Friday: make up remake

So thanks to work and school Fashion Friday has come a day late. And i am sorry for that!!!

Lately every morning I get up, get dressed go to whatever work I have that day. This all happens with no thought or care of what I will wear or look like. Which for people who know me can vouch that this is not normal of me. But then again 2013 hasn’t really been a normal year.
So I decides this week that this needed to change. As vain as it may sound I always feel better when I actually put some thought into what I look like before I leave the house. So I put my self up to the challenge of making small changes in the day that make me feel more put together. Starting with my favorite part of an outfit…. Make- up.
This week I took all my “go to make up” and told my self that I’m not allowed to do the same look twice this week. I have so much stuff that I’m sure I can find different ways to create new looks.
Challenge accepted!

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Fashion Friday: Thrift Finds

Living in the Boston area allows me to do A LOT of thrift store shopping. This has become one of my favorite past times since moving back here. I love searching through the racks to find that diamond in the rough. And the cheap prices aren’t that bad either. :). This week I headed over  to my favorite store (buffalo exchange in Somerville) and found some great new additions to my already overflowing closet.

Pay no attention to my messy bed :p

Mint green knee-length flowy skirt.  (8 Dollars)

New going out dress! and it was a steal. I just need to get the zipper fixed (10 dollars)

My new yellow heels! Best deal of them all (6 DOLLARS). 

Best part is I got all three for 24 DOLLARS. I must say I think I made out pretty well. I can’t wait until my next thrift trip.
Any of you lovely readers have a favorite thrift or consignment shop? Share them here.


Who needs to grow up

This past Friday myself and a few of my friends (and some people who have become friends) gathered to take over the city of Manchester New Hampshire. It was a gathering we like to call the Batman Bar Crawl.

And yes it is exactly what it sounds like. The group of us got in our batman best and hit the city in true villain and hero status. We spent the night drinking, creeping people out and playing pranks on the Bats himself. People seemed to either love us or not understand us. But over all no one seemed to care what they thought. We were having a blast just having some time to escape the “real” adult world and reverting to childhood loves.

I have said it before and I will always say it- just because we get older does not mean when need to give up doing the things we enjoy. If you want to dress up like comic book characters and get drunk- more power to you!!

One of the most fun of this event was that all the costumes were homemade. (Batman and Catwoman do costumes and comic book character events for a hobby which will explain why their costumes were a lot more intense than the rest of us) Most of us used items from our closet or bought things that could really help make our characters come alive. It really was a nerd or theater kids dream!

and of course no post would be complete without some photos

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