WordNerd Summer Challenge

After three (very) long years, my master program has finally come to an end and I will be walking across the stage on Friday! Here comes long days of job hunting, writing cover letters and trying to start up my real life. Of course I do plan to spend these new found free time to do the things I love and to start enjoying hobbies I never had the time for.
My favorite part of the summer warmer months, is finally getting to sit outside and enjoy a good book..or five. When I was in high school I used to make a list of books I wanted to read by the time school started up again in the fall. This year, I have decided to bring back this mission. Reading has always been my all time favorite pass time. I love being transported in to different worlds just by picking up a new book. I do not think this is a feeling that will ever change. I am so excited to start this little “WordNerd” Challenge and to share my picks with you all.
So what is on my list this year-

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