Fashion Friday: Fashion Meets Fitness.

April 21st marked the first race of the 2013 race seasons for me and some of my friends. You may be wondering why I’m posting about a race on Fashion Friday. But no worries readers you will soon see the connection.

The race was a 5k in Manchester, NH and was themed as a Totally Awesome 80’s run. So of course Jaime and I could not contain our excitement. Any time you can get us in neon colors and rocking out to the sweet sound of the 80’s we are in.

You cannot have an 80’s run without some pretty RAD outfits. So we set out to find the something comfortable to run in (sorry leotards) but that also shows our love for the 80’s and our personalities. And I must say I think we nailed it.

Thanks to the wonderful world of Forever21 (, we were able to find neon colored workout clothes on a budget. Jaime was also able to find and AWESOME Blondie tee-shirt, but unfortunately my Ramones shirt took a little more exploring to find. After searching EVERY store in the Burlington mall, a little light bulb went off. Newbury Comics ( has everything. And behold the moment we walked in to door there it was sitting there waiting for me. (Thanks Newbury comics!)

Of course we couldn’t just show up in oversized boring tee-shirts. We spent all Saturday night before the race editing and creating the perfect blend of 80’s rock chick clothing. The finished product came out even better than we had pictured in our heads.


As for the actual race, It was amazing. Since it was Jaime’s first race she had no time she wanted to beat.. I wanted to do in under 36 minutes (which was my time at last year’s color me rad race). We ran our little hearts out to the beats of an amazing synchronized playlist (made by me ) and we both crossed the finish line together rocking out to the Culture Club at 34 MINUTES!!!. We came in 281 and 282 out of about 481 people. Over all a successful day for both fitness and fashion..

Who says the two worlds cannot collide.




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