Boston You’re my Home..


I am Loud, Opinionated and Stubborn.I think WICKED is the best way to describe everything,No matter what the Bruins and Sox will always have my heart,I know what a packie is and what is sold there, and I know there REALLY isn’t a letter “R” 

….and I am PROUD of everything that I am..
This is my town, these are my people, this is my safe little world.

At least I believed that last part until Monday afternoon. The bombing that happened at the Boston Marathon is something that I would never in a million year would happen in my city. It is not something I would have imagined in my life I would be witness to or that if I had gone on break just a little later in the day been a victim of.
But it did and that can never be changed or undone. It is something that will stick in my mind for the rest of my life. Just the sheer confusion, terror and unanswered questions that are going on in my mind… I cannot imagine what the people who had loved ones affected are thinking.
And my heart and thoughts go out to all those people who were injured, had love ones who were injured or who witnessed the whole things first hand.
Bad things have happened before and the will happen again.. But what is important now is standing together and working to find the people/person who caused this mess.
We are Boston and We are Strong. All of us… no matter your geographical or location,the sports team you root for or any other difference we may have…


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