Finally Back….

After a very long and unplanned hiatus, I have come back to the blogging world refreshed and ready to jump back in. The last month has been a world wind of emotions and personal reflection that sadly started to take over my life. But since brooding over my failed love life really is not how I want to be spending 2013, I’m not going to. So here I am, back in swing and ready to take over blog space and my life.

I never realized how much time and energy I had put into my previous relationship and without it I have found that I really do not know who I am without this other person.  That, my blog friends, is really a sad realization to come to. With graduation looming (2 MONTHS!!!) and really my whole life ahead of me, this seems like the best time to start to find out what it is that I want out of my life. With no input from friends, family, or significant others. Just me and my thoughts, And I won’t lie- that is the scariest thing I have ever decide to do. Yet, I think it is also the best thing I have thought of in a long time.

I’m not usually one for writing prompts, but this one came up on my reader today and it is inspired by one of my favorite books. It also fits into how I’m feeling on this Monday morning.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” –Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The prompt ask to name 6 impossible things that you believe it. Which made my mind start to wonder What do I believe in? What magically things do I really believe are possible to happen in life. I do not really know if anyone would consider these “impossible”.

But then again what may seem impossible to me may be possible to someone else.



1)       Soul Mates: The idea of having someone in your life that makes you want to be the very best version of yourself. Someone who knows all your issues but loves you anyway. That does not run away at the first sign of trouble and that loves you unconditionally.

2)       Adventure without fear: My mind is filled with things I want to do, places I want to go, and things I need to try. Yet the fear of failing keeps me from doing any of these things.

3)       Recovery: Finally winning this battle with my mind, my fears, and my anxiety

4)       Passions: and having the excitement and guts to go for them and work on them even if you are not the best at it.

5)       Magic: This one may really be impossible- But I like to think there is a bit of magic out there that we just have not found yet.

6)       Good In People: Some find it impossible to see the good in all people. I like to think we are all good- but make not so good choices at times.


What 6 “impossible” things have you thought about today?




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