How do you document real life..when real life’s feeling more like fiction each day

So with the millions of changes and crazy things that are happening in my life, I feel like I have been running on empty since the New Year started. Between school, interning, my new job and my failing love life I haven’t had a moment to just sit down and reflect on the fact that yes everything is changing but that is okay.  Now I am not the type of person who does well with any type of change so to have EVERYTHING happen at once is just so much to deal with… So how am I dealing the only way I know how to that isn’t self-destructive… with music.

Music has always been the way I deal with the things that are happening in my life. It is my escape and it makes me feel good. I love my music loud and I want to make sure it can drown out everything that I do not want to have to deal with. My friends have been spending more time at karaoke (because we are that cool) and going to see different bands in the area (which I am hoping we will do more of). But the best thing I have done is updated my phone with music that I know will automatically make me smile. I have filled it with songs that have helped me through many things and are well just fun to sing at the top of my lungs. So again instead of work out Wednesday (which I swear is coming back) I will share with you my current “Get Me Through This Shit” music.

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