Bunny Love

I’m going to start by apologizing for the lack of work out Wednesday this week. This is due in large parts to the fact that I have just been feeling so randomly sick that I can’t eat. With the lack of proper diet = no working out :(. But I didn’t want to leave you all hanging without a post. This week I’m looking for some advice from my readers and fellow bloggers.  I was going to save this for Friday but.. I didn’t want to. Lol.

 So while I am not vegetarian or vegan,I also do NOT think that any animal should be harm for the sake of me being able to go from looking like a zombie to a normal person ever morning. Call me a hypocrite if you want but I hate the idea of using products that are tested on animals.
I have done a lot of research on cruelty free brands I have a basic sense of the ones I like and don’t like for most of the products I use daily. Yet because I am so picky and cheap.(because let’s be honest it cost a lot to keep these little guys from being tested on, but worth it).
 So that is where in reaching out to you. In hopes that you can help me find the missing cruelty free products in my life. Let me know your favorite products and why in each category. Help me to expand my all ready insanely large cosmetic collection. 🙂
This has been the hardest one for me to replace. I am a picky mascara user. I like my eyelashes HUGE and thick. I searched for years to find a brand of mascara I love and that works well. Then I come to find out it isn’t cruelty free.. bummer. I’m looking for recommendation for super lash mascara under 20 dollars.
Shaving cream and deodorant:
This is another one I have been having issues with. I have really sensitive skin and I’m looking for something that won’t make me break out. I also shave a lot. So expensive small bottles really do not work for me.
Drugstore brand body wash:
I had this really great one from the body shop. But at around 10 dollars a small bottle my budget cannot handle it.
Hair dye:
I’ve got nothing for this. I dye my hair like every few months so nothing crazy expensive.
I’d really appreciate the help from all you fellow bloggers and reader. Especially all those cruelty free bloggers out there.

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