Fashion Friday: Art and Fashion

Many may be wonder why the title of my fashion post is about art.

This past MLK day miss Jaime and I decide that a day at the MFA (museum of Fine Arts in Boston Ma) was needed. Of course it didn’t hurt that the Testino exhibit was still at the MFA and these two queen bees needed a fix of the their favorite Kates.
For those who don’t know, Mario Testino is a photographer who I believe can literally make ANYONE look beautiful. His photos are beautiful. His pictures have been on the covers of so many magazines that it is impossible to keep count. Even if you have never heard they name I can guarantee that you know his work.

Looking at his work and the people he has worked with, one thing was very clear. Fashion is not just about the clothes, the make up or the shoes. It is also about the personality and attitude you bring.
Sadly- we were not able to take pictures in the exhibit. (stupid copy right laws or something). But thanks to the wonder that is the internet I am able to share with you some of our favorites that were on view.

This one is actually mine. The last picture they would let us take before going in.

First thing we saw when we walked through the door was the amazing Mama Monster!

My personal favorite Kate. ❤

Jaime’s favorite Kate

Just amazing! ❤

Legs for days!


This is just such a small look into all the beautiful work that was there. If you have the chance before Feb 3rd head to the MFA and check out the work. If not. Google Search- Mario Testino In Your Face and get a quick virtual look into some of the work that was there.

Was anyone able to check out this exhibit? What did you think?



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