Fashion Friday: make up remake

So thanks to work and school Fashion Friday has come a day late. And i am sorry for that!!!

Lately every morning I get up, get dressed go to whatever work I have that day. This all happens with no thought or care of what I will wear or look like. Which for people who know me can vouch that this is not normal of me. But then again 2013 hasn’t really been a normal year.
So I decides this week that this needed to change. As vain as it may sound I always feel better when I actually put some thought into what I look like before I leave the house. So I put my self up to the challenge of making small changes in the day that make me feel more put together. Starting with my favorite part of an outfit…. Make- up.
This week I took all my “go to make up” and told my self that I’m not allowed to do the same look twice this week. I have so much stuff that I’m sure I can find different ways to create new looks.
Challenge accepted!

The tools:



Monday was my first day at my new job. I’m now a hostess at a restaurant I can never afford to go to. It’s pretty yuppie so I figured I should attempt to look nice while I’m there.
And I since I wanted to play around a bit I figured Id do two colors everyone says can’t go together but are my favorite when combined. Brown and black. Brown and Black together have always been my favorite. And since the outfit I wore that day was mostly black I didn’t want to do a traditional smokey eye and look a little to goth kid.

The lighting in my bathroom sucks. But it is a brown eye with charcoal edges and black liner. 🙂


Since I over slept on Tuesday I ended up going to work barefaced because I had no time at all to get ready.


It was snowing… I was pissed because it was snowing. So what better way to show you are bitter and full of angst…. BLACK EYELINER .. I also didn’t wear my contacts today so my make up needed to pop behind my glasses


Thursday night is karaoke night! Going out means it is time to get to play with make up since I don’t have to “look professional” for anything. So this week I since it is make-up week I figured I would try to play up the color of my eyes. Since I have hazel eyes the color can change depending on the make up I am wearing. I wanted them to look more green so I went with gold shadow with black liner rimmed with green shadow and highlighter to make them look even bigger. 🙂 Loved it! It was a little more over the top but didn’t look to costume like.


OH hang over day. :/ Had to work again tonight. And wanted to play up the green/blue color of my dress. Normally I would NEVER have any eye-make up that tied into my outfit. But since I was supposed be going outside my comfort zone I figured why the heck not. I went with my Peacock Stilia liner and purple shadow for a color blocked look on my eyes. Not something  I would ever do for an every day look but I must say I liked it and got a lot of complements on it.

Out of all of them I must say the brown and black were my favorite. Which may be making a come back soon!

Make- up, like the rest of fashion, should always be fun. Don’t be afraid to push the boundary a little.  You never know what you might find out you like.

Have a favorite make up look- Share it here!


P.S- I swear one day I’ll be able to take a normal picture.


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