Work Out Wednesday: Stuck In a Rut

Like I said last week, my work outs have become pretty much me lifting or running. Which is great because those are two things I NEVER thought I would be able to do. Yet even with the large amount of cardio that I have been getting and the weight training, my body is stuck in a rut. I have been at the same fluctuating weight since about July 2012. And I am NOT a happy camper about it. They always say the last 20 pounds is the hardest to lose and I will defiantly agree with that statement. With that I have started looking into a few new work outs to try out in the next four weeks to see if there is anything I love enough to give it a shot for longer than one day.

I am a VERY picky person when it comes to working out. My work outs need to make me feel like a beast, they need to be a decent amount of time (about an hour because I mean for real I have other things to do with my days), and they need to have enough variation to make me feel like I’m not going to get super bored with them. The also need to be cost efficient because I am still a student and money will forever be tight.

This weeks challenge workout is taken straight from my favorite show.. The Biggest Loser.

On this weeks episode Bob Harper’s last chance work out for the blue team include only two things… Their own body weight and a deck of cards. Each suite had a work out attached and the card number was how many of each you had to do.With face cards looking like this: JACK  11, QUEEN 12, KING 13, and ACE being 15. So I figured if these 300 plus men and women can do all 52 cards in one work out.. Why the hell can’t I. So this week to mix up my normal routine. I am challenging myself to Bob Harper’s Card Deck Challenge.

Want to Join? Here is what it looks like:

HEARTS: Push Ups
SPADES: Burpees
CLUBS: Squats (with weights)
DIAMONDS: Jumping Jacks

Now during my hour work out time I will do ALL 52 cards. But this is also a fun and easy way to get in a quick 15-20 minute work out. Grab about 20 cards and just go until you are done. The best thing is that these “work outs” are not set in stone. You can change-up the work out associated with each suite so you’re not getting board with doing them after a week or so.

So I thank you now, Bob Harper, for the large amount of pain I am going to be in tomorrow when I do this work out for the first time.




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