Fashion Friday: Thrift Finds

Living in the Boston area allows me to do A LOT of thrift store shopping. This has become one of my favorite past times since moving back here. I love searching through the racks to find that diamond in the rough. And the cheap prices aren’t that bad either. :). This week I headed over  to my favorite store (buffalo exchange in Somerville) and found some great new additions to my already overflowing closet.

Pay no attention to my messy bed :p

Mint green knee-length flowy skirt.  (8 Dollars)

New going out dress! and it was a steal. I just need to get the zipper fixed (10 dollars)

My new yellow heels! Best deal of them all (6 DOLLARS). 

Best part is I got all three for 24 DOLLARS. I must say I think I made out pretty well. I can’t wait until my next thrift trip.
Any of you lovely readers have a favorite thrift or consignment shop? Share them here.



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