New Years Cheer!

New years eve is one of my favorite days of the year. I love getting together with friends to end the year off in a grand fashion. This new years may not have gone according to plan. But it was defiantly one we will all never forget… But I digress. Of course starting the New year always comes with the idea of making new years resolutions. All those little goals we all make that we all know we are going to break by the end of January. So this year I am scrapping the word “resolution” and making my list of 2013 changes and challenges for myself.
This year, I created a list of things I would like to change about myself in the upcoming year and things I would like to challenge myself to accomplish this year. I figure this was way better than another year of saying “I’m going to lose this many pounds in 2013” instead I made one of each for all the things I want to work on during this next year.

Cassi’s 2013 changes and challenges list.

Chang my current way of thinking about the future. : things happen in there own time and there is no way to control them. And that is ok.
throw away that 5 year plan and just live.

Change the way I view food, diet and exercise. They should all be things that are enjoyable and not a punishment or reward.
Run more 5k’s with my friends
Work on getting licensed as a yoga instructor
Do yoga at least once a week

Remember that grades are just grades. They do not fully measure what you have learned and how you can apply it to the real world.
Start working on personal research project.
Work on as many project at my placement as possible!!!
Take the LCSW exam!! (eep)

Remember that it is not the number of friends. But the quality of the ones you have.
To make dates with friends I haven’t seen as often at least once every 2 months
Enjoy all the time I have with the friends I do see every week.

To remember that your life is your life. And what ever you want to do- you should do it.
Have a change a scenery- Take a trip someplace I want to go. Even if I have to go alone.
Live, Laugh and Love with all my heart
Learn to cook!
Find a career
Learn to better budget my money.

Remember that even if you aren’t the best at something doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it
Blog more!
Start using instagram for REAL photography and not just pictures of my shoes.
More Art and DYI fun!

So here you go.. My mission for 2013. Does anyone else have a goal for the upcoming year?


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