I won’t give up…

When you start a relationship of any kind there is never talk about the future. You tend to just be focused on how much you enjoy that persons company and what you experience from being with them. Yet somewhere down the road that all seems like it is supposed to change.
You soon start to wonder about the future. You start wondering where things are headed and what that means for your whole life. You start trying to make life choices at such young ages that you might not agree with 10 years from now.
By that point you are so focused on what is supposed to happen, where you are supposed to be and that god damn five year plans you may have forgotten what was important in the first place. You start to forget about living your own life and just loving.
You may even have started to forget that  life isn’t about the social constructs and “getting to the finish line” it’s about enjoying every moment with the people you love.
So what if your not doing what your parents did or what they want you to do. Who cares if society treats you different for your life choices. All that matters is that you are happy, loved and living to the fullest.
With that said the idea of giving up one thing in hopes for another is one thing I’m giving up in 2013. Along with trying to follow a plan that was created by my 17 year old self. Things that future cassi can deal with can wait until then.
All I know is that in this moment I couldn’t imagine losing any of the people in my life. Relationships come with give and take and I’m willing to give a little if it means waking up every day for the foreseeable future with these same people in my life.

One thought on “I won’t give up…

  1. Thanks for your comment! I did have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too!

    You really can’t PLAN or PREDICT the future (unfortunately.) It isn’t possible. Every second counts, every decision counts. All that matters is that you are doing what you love and heading in the right direction. 🙂 Which 100% seems like you are!! You are doing a great job and you seem 100% happy! Way to go girl.. and I miss you too!! xoxoxo

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