Thankful for

November is the month of thanks. The holidays are starting and people are really begin to think about the things that mean most to them in life. Many of my friends spent the past month posting everyday what they are thankful for. But sadly I just didn’t have the time or attention span for that .So instead of doing one thing a day I was thankful for I figured I’d wrap them into one long-winded post for the closing of November.
So for your reading pleasure my November 2012 thankful list.

I am thankful:
1) for having two of the best girlfriends in
the world.
2) for the fact that fully growing up can be optional
3)for the fact that gingerbread and pumpkin spiced lattes exist
4) for lazy days of doing nothing
5) for the ability to have and enjoy the season that is fall
6) for hot coco and cheesy 90s movies on bad days
7) for smartphones
8) for frozen butterbeer
9) for the ability to get to do what I love everyday.
10) for the fact that I went to college and have the ability and support to further my education.
11) for red hair dye
12) for girls night out
13) for the ability to travel
14) for shoes! And fashion
15) for new (and used!) books
16) for having the worlds most amazing, wonderful and loving boy
17) for the friendships I have made over the years. And the people who have stuck by me throughout everything that has happened during our time as friends.
18) for the ability to live love and laugh
19) for cheesecake. I mean for reals that shit is delicious
20) for my family because no matter how much I complain about them, they are pretty fabulous.
21) for Disney movies. Because no matter how bad a I am having beauty and the beast can fix it
21) for music and the way it can just change my mood.
22) for yoga
23) for hugs and snuggles after a long week
24) for having a loving home to come back to every night.
25) for the fact that even though we fight, yell and can’t understand each other some of the time. My dad really is my best friend and I look forward to our drunken night’s watching Conan or Joe dirt.
26) for all the sisters phi delta beta old and new.
27) for color me rad race and other awesome 5ks that allow me to
run with my friends.
28) for chrismukkah.
29) for social networks that allow people to connect with loved ones from anywhere in the world. And also allow people to find relatives they didn’t even know they had.
30) for Johnny Depp. Sorry but I had to. How can we NOT be thankful for that beautiful man.

I hope you all enjoyed the list. Some are silly and some are more serious. But overall I’m just glad to have life and the ability to do the things I love with the people I love.

I’d love to hear some of the things you are were thankful for this past month and throughout this holiday season!

I have some fun posts and personal challenges thought up for the holiday season that I cannot wait to share with you all. So keep checking back! Cheers!!


One thought on “Thankful for

  1. I am thankful for coffee, vintage jewelry, tequila, rum and diet, pretty vintage lace, my best friends, karaoke, my amazing fiancee, espresso, my family, ligers, elephants, a job where I get to play with shoes, puppies, and YOU!

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