Oh what a night…

Weddings are my favorite. It’s a time we get to celebrate love and friendship while doing two of my favorite activities drinking and dancing. As many people may know I have a small (OK maybe a little bigger than small haha.) obsession with weddings. They are just so magical and fun. And I love seeing the themes people come up with. I think they say a lot about the personality of the couple. And a little about their lives together.
This past weekend I got to celebrate the wedding of two of my best friends from high school. And I must say the wedding was amazing. The venue was a beautiful old barn in Peabody Mass right next to an apple orchard. Which seemed to fit the bride and groom very well.

The wedding was a mix of rustic fall and Disney. Every table was a different Disney place or person and had a picture of the bride and groom on their last adventure there. The bride looked like just like princess who found her prince. Her gown was amazing and looked almost identical to what you would imagine Cinderella wearing on her wedding day.

Everyone I talked to had a blast and the DJ was great. He kept us dancing all night, and really any DJ that makes time for a dance off is great in my world. Even if Ryan and I were  robbed of first place. 🙂
They both looked lovely and in love and I am so happy for the  both of them. If they are reading this I wish them all the best and hope this post did their wedding justice.

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Changes is in the air

I talk a lot about how the change in seasons can bring on a lot of different kind of change. Well going into the Holiday season has brought on the one of the most unexpected changes for me. The company that I have worked for a little over two years is going out of business. (well at  least in my region all of the stores are closing). Which leads me into the weird middle section of “where the hell do I go from here.”

For those who do not know I am a currently a student. So finding a job on top of classes and an internship is a challenge within itself. School leaves VERY little wiggle room for having time to work for money and work for classes and interning. I am trying not to sound like I am complaining since I know it will better me in the long run.

But at the moment there is a small amount of. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO UNTIL GRADUATION.

I feel I am in a bittersweet situation. It is great that I know have the opportunity to do something else with the time I have spent working at Bakers. Yet, I had so many great times there and have made some amazing friends that I cannot imagine never going there again. I am also left at the cross roads of do I even want another job, or should I find a way to NOT work this coming semester and spend the time focused on school and Cassi time. Since goodness knows that hasn’t really happened in about 2.5 years.

Whatever happens is a whole new life chapter that I was not planning to have to open until graduation.

Sometimes the world can just surprise you like that.