Who needs to grow up

This past Friday myself and a few of my friends (and some people who have become friends) gathered to take over the city of Manchester New Hampshire. It was a gathering we like to call the Batman Bar Crawl.

And yes it is exactly what it sounds like. The group of us got in our batman best and hit the city in true villain and hero status. We spent the night drinking, creeping people out and playing pranks on the Bats himself. People seemed to either love us or not understand us. But over all no one seemed to care what they thought. We were having a blast just having some time to escape the “real” adult world and reverting to childhood loves.

I have said it before and I will always say it- just because we get older does not mean when need to give up doing the things we enjoy. If you want to dress up like comic book characters and get drunk- more power to you!!

One of the most fun of this event was that all the costumes were homemade. (Batman and Catwoman do costumes and comic book character events for a hobby which will explain why their costumes were a lot more intense than the rest of us) Most of us used items from our closet or bought things that could really help make our characters come alive. It really was a nerd or theater kids dream!

and of course no post would be complete without some photos

Harley Quinn, Roxy Rockett, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy

Ivy and Two Face

Joker and Harley

Joker, Riddler, and Hush

Bane and Ivy

Batman, Catwoman and Roxy


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