Can life be more about fun and less about work?

I have been slacking in the blog world for a while. Mostly because I am out and about trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer before the craziness that is being a final year MSW student will bring. (4 classes, 17 hour a week internship, work and having a social life.. ugh). Which brought me to wanting to make this update.

My school very much works on the idea that everyone should take time for wellness and self care. That we should all make time in our lives to do something non-school or social work related to keep our mental stability. Yet what it seems like to me is that it is just that, and Idea to them. Int the 2 years I have been there I have had NO time for myself in between everything that is necessary for me to graduate with good grades.  I have pushed myself aside in order to be the best in class and in my practice. All that has done for me is brought on stress. And all the school could say was well maybe grad school isn’t for you. Umm No! Having my life turn into a 50 hour a week unpaid job and having no fun is not for me.

I understand that as we get older we have to take on new responsibilities. We have to become what society says is acceptable, we have to behave in the way our peers, parents, and others see fit. Well I say NO. I do not want the my life to become JUST about work. I know that I need to have a job so that I can live, But how can I really live when all I do is spend time at my job??

So here is my personal Wellness for the school year. And it may sound similar to my last post about doing things for myself. (But that is really what this year is about for me. Finding myself, and really figuring out who I am as opposed to what I thought I should be)

So here it is in no particular order:

  • Laugh more, love more and play more:

This is pretty much just my on going theme for my year. It ties in everything else that I have added to this list and it is just fun to say. I already feel better knowing that this is my motto.

  • Learn something for the love of learning not the grade:

I am an insane self proclaimed over-achiever. Somewhere in high school I got this notion that if I’m not the best at something I have no reason to be doing it. Because of this I stopped doing so many of the things that I love doing. I missed out on a lot of fun and interesting things because I was to scared of failing. Well NO MORE. Now is the time to learn and do the things I love because I can- not because I need to be great at them. Fun comes from just that- having fun. Not by being the greatest.

  • Take a day off now an then:

Again something I have a hard time with. During school and work I feel as though if I am not doing something productive then I shouldn’t be doing anything fun. To me school came before fun ALWAYS. And because of that I became more and more depressed. I now know how important the balance between work and play really are.

  • Take time to smile and enjoy the ride:

I am always in a huge rush to get get to the end result of everything. School, work, relationships. I am so worried about what is going to happen in the future I have forgotten to take time and enjoy everything that is happening around me in the moment.

  • Try to do what YOU love:

This may be the most important to me. To do what it is that I love doing and not what everyone around me feels as though I should be doing. I have missed that point for so long trying to be who people want me to be. I started to forget who I am and what it is I love. And that is what I am trying to reclaim.

Everyone has different idea of what they want to do to feel more calm and at peace in there life. No one set of rules would work for different people. Take some time, think about what it is you feel like is missing from your daily wellness activity.  The make a pledge to make more time for it. You are important and so isn’t your happiness and mental health. Make sure you are keeping it in mind when you are balancing the crazy that is the human life.


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