Can life be more about fun and less about work?

I have been slacking in the blog world for a while. Mostly because I am out and about trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer before the craziness that is being a final year MSW student will bring. (4 classes, 17 hour a week internship, work and having a social life.. ugh). Which brought me to wanting to make this update.

My school very much works on the idea that everyone should take time for wellness and self care. That we should all make time in our lives to do something non-school or social work related to keep our mental stability. Yet what it seems like to me is that it is just that, and Idea to them. Int the 2 years I have been there I have had NO time for myself in between everything that is necessary for me to graduate with good grades.  I have pushed myself aside in order to be the best in class and in my practice. All that has done for me is brought on stress. And all the school could say was well maybe grad school isn’t for you. Umm No! Having my life turn into a 50 hour a week unpaid job and having no fun is not for me.

I understand that as we get older we have to take on new responsibilities. We have to become what society says is acceptable, we have to behave in the way our peers, parents, and others see fit. Well I say NO. I do not want the my life to become JUST about work. I know that I need to have a job so that I can live, But how can I really live when all I do is spend time at my job??

So here is my personal Wellness for the school year. And it may sound similar to my last post about doing things for myself. (But that is really what this year is about for me. Finding myself, and really figuring out who I am as opposed to what I thought I should be)

So here it is in no particular order: Continue reading


Love for all Season.

I adore summer time. Less things to worry about, sunshine, beach days and the best excuse to day drink ever.  But even with that said- I think my first true season love will always be fall. Crisp weather, tights and boots season, and fall-ventures (this is what I call all the adventure I go on during the fall that cannot happen during the other seasons).

It may just be because I am a true New England girl and fall is just something I feel like you do not get in all the other regions of United States. (But I could be wrong seeing as though I have never lived any place else. )

It could also be because I have always associated fall with new beginnings. September is when school started, you would get a new wardrobe, you would have new teachers and classes and you also had a chance to change all the things that you did not like about the previous school year. Now I am WAY beyond my high school years, but I still see fall as my time to bring something new into my life. To work to continue to become the person I have been trying to be since I was 18 years old.

With that said- what AM I going to do come this fall? I talk big about making changes to my life and then usually fall very short of all the ideas. I have to stop letting that happen. I work so hard to in my graduate degree and in my internship that I cannot just let myself fall to through the woodwork when it comes to other aspects in my life. I have to keep reminding myself that I AM worth everything I want to have. I have to stop the negative thinking and thinking that I am never going to reach my dreams because I’m not  worth it. These are things that I have heard for SO long that I have had the hardest time throwing them out of my mindset. But it is time for  them to go away for good and for me to do everything in my power to become who I have always dreamed of being. Even if that does not make other people in my life happy.

If fall really can be a time for staring over- what does everyone plan to do this fall to make a change from last year?