we all need a day to ourself

For the longest time I used to think that I did not deserve to have free time to pamper myself. The idea of doing something just for me felt wrong. I have come to realize how silly that sounds. Of course I deserve to have down time to just enjoy life- Everyone does.

So on Thursday I did just that. I took the whole day to just do whatever my little heart wanted. This ended up with me heading to Newbury Street in Boston and shopping and pampering the day away. And I must say it felt fabulous.

One thing that I love doing is getting manicure. I stopped for a long time because of price, not having a good nail salon around me and because I felt it was something prettier girls did. Well now I have no more excuses because I found a GREAT salon, that is very well priced, and I have decided to throw out the stupid idea of not doing things because I think they are just for “attractive” people. The salon is called Miniluxe (www.miniluxe.com) a basic manicure is 19 dollars (plus tip- which can only be done in cash or check sorry no tips on cards). The staff was SO friendly and the manicure came out beautiful.



For those of you who live in the Boston area you may know all about Newbury Street. For the people who do not, Newbury Street is Boston shopping/fashion hub. There are so many shops, coffee shops, fro-yo, spas, and restaurants in that area that it just makes me feel like I am in heaven. When ever I feel down I just grab a coffee and go window or real shopping on the street.

I am thinking of making this a monthly day of pampering- because I deserve it.


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