Time to bring myself up.

These past few days have been a lot more depression and a lot less being positive. My sadness level has been through the roof  (with stress and just feeling a little down) and because of it I have not wanted to be around people. But what I have realized is that this is the WORST thing I could be doing. By throwing myself into isolation all I have been doing is sitting in my own sadness. 

Because I this I have developed a first rule of feeling good- Being around other people who make you feel like the best you. One of the great things about friends are that they (if they are good friends) bring out the best person you are. Good friends can help you feel prettier, happier and more confident. Mindless fun is sometimes just what a person needs to get out of the small funks in life. 

According to an article I read ::

“People who have rich social networks, with good friends who will help them out when they are down are generally happier. They have the pleasure of meeting people they trust and the sense of security in knowing there’s always someone there who can help.” (http://changingminds.org/explanations/emotions/happiness/what_makes_people_happy.htm).
So tonight I will get dressed up, go out with my friends and sing my little heart out at karaoke. We will see  how this idea plays out in the real world 🙂

If these negative feelings are more than just a random small occurring event, than I would always recommend seeking professional help. If what you are feeling can be classified as anxiety disorder or depression THIS ADVICE IS NOT GOING TO HELP. Please contact a local health care provider! This is just a way I find to feel better when I’m just having a traditional bad day.


we all need a day to ourself

For the longest time I used to think that I did not deserve to have free time to pamper myself. The idea of doing something just for me felt wrong. I have come to realize how silly that sounds. Of course I deserve to have down time to just enjoy life- Everyone does.

So on Thursday I did just that. I took the whole day to just do whatever my little heart wanted. This ended up with me heading to Newbury Street in Boston and shopping and pampering the day away. And I must say it felt fabulous.

One thing that I love doing is getting manicure. I stopped for a long time because of price, not having a good nail salon around me and because I felt it was something prettier girls did. Well now I have no more excuses because I found a GREAT salon, that is very well priced, and I have decided to throw out the stupid idea of not doing things because I think they are just for “attractive” people. The salon is called Miniluxe (www.miniluxe.com) a basic manicure is 19 dollars (plus tip- which can only be done in cash or check sorry no tips on cards). The staff was SO friendly and the manicure came out beautiful.



For those of you who live in the Boston area you may know all about Newbury Street. For the people who do not, Newbury Street is Boston shopping/fashion hub. There are so many shops, coffee shops, fro-yo, spas, and restaurants in that area that it just makes me feel like I am in heaven. When ever I feel down I just grab a coffee and go window or real shopping on the street.

I am thinking of making this a monthly day of pampering- because I deserve it.

New day new blog.

Blogging has been something very fun and some what therapeutic to me for a very long time. From live-journal to blogspot to tumblr I have pretty much run around in the world of blogs. But I have finally decided to find a space that I can really call my own and just bring my interest to the people of the interweb.

So who am I and why should you care.

Well truth be told I would not be surprised if no one ever follows this blog because I am really not that interesting. But for those of you who do care this is me: I’m a 24 year old graduate student currently living in the Boston area. I have spent a good portion of my life doing what everyone around me expects me to do and living a life that I thought I wanted only because it was what I was being told to want.

So in the last 2 years I have given up what “I should be doing” and have been going down the road of what I love. I am currently attending school to get my masters in social work so that I can one day work with teenagers recovering from eating disorders and other addictive and mental disorders. I work around the idea that everyone is beautiful no matter what they look like, sound like or dress like. I want to either work with or start an organization that work to promote positive body image and self esteem to young men and women.

Other than wanting to change the world and save the youth of America. I love fitness and nutrition (which will be something I post A LOT about). I also love movies, books, fashion, photography and just starting to enjoy the life I am living.

This space is some place for me to share with you all the beautiful things I have found and learned over the last few years and the time to come.

Hope you enjoy